Eat Clean Winter Collection|Pink

Eat Clean Winter Collection|Pink


All natural, all good, Inside and out.

Together with our friends at Brazen Jerky, we have curated these limited edition boxed sets with three unique designs that’ll make a statement under any tree. With only 200 being made, they’ll be a gift worth coveting!

This collaboration was born out of the idea that living clean means doing what’s right for your body - both inside and out. Both of our products are handcrafted in YYC using only the finest, essential, all -natural ingredients.

Each box contains:

. Four packages of individually packaged jerky: Cowboy BBQ, Ginger Beef, Thai Lime and latest seasonal, Winter Spice!

. Two bars of individually wrapped essential oil or fragrance oil soap. Cedarwood/Bergamot/Patchouli and Lavender or Sandalwood and Citrus Mist.

. A special insert describing the collection

. A wonderfully designed box with printed sleeve in one of three colours.

Flavour of Soap:
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