I have been making this soap for two decades as gifts for my friends and family. Over the years they've shared how much they enjoy using my natural soap. This business is a way to share my passion and craft. Since the beginning my goal has been to create a bar with a smooth and silky, natural lather. Without harsh detergents, hardening agents or perfumes.

I'd also like to share a little story behind the Trade & Mark name. My father was a pharmacist, too. When I was a little girl, I would call him at work to ask if he could bring home the special "Smith Brother's" cough drops. Even though he knew exactly what i meant, he would always ask with a grin, "which ones"? Exasperated, I would reply, "you know Dad, the ones with the two guys on the package - Trade and Mark!" I've loved that name ever since and decided to let it inspire the name of this company.

I hope you will use the bars to laver up EVERY DAY in your bath or shower. Feel the quality and enjoy the experience! You'll love it and won't find anything else quite like it!